These awards were given to us for achieving a certain ranking on the Top Site Lists they represent.  Thank you to everyone who cast a vote for us!

"Congratulations! A Treasure in  Heaven is our winner for May (2001) with 35 votes!"

- Sonya Pace

Oh my goodness Sonya - what a beautiful award!!  I'm so excited that we won!! - Julie


"Here is your award! Your site was #8 with 137 votes."

- Sonya Pace

#8 - not bad, not bad at all :o)  Thank you Sonya!!

"Congratulations on being the top site for the month of May (2001) with 58 votes."

Hugs and God bless Jeanine
Jennie's mommie 9/19/00

Thank you Jeanine - I love it, and it's personalized too!! - Julie

"Congrats you have the  2nd rated  site Here is your award. Keep up the good work and beautiful site"
Angel Hugs
Monique's Mommy
2/14/99 - 10/05/00

Thank you Misty - Very Lovely!!! ~ Julie

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