Jeremy Corben Taylor

went to Heaven on February 6, 2001
and was born still on this earth on February 7, 2001

"Jeremy was stillborn after 36 weeks.  His death was due to a knot in his cord."

Heart N Soul

Lilianna Jolie Pena

was born on February 7, 2001
and went to heaven on February 11, 2001.

"I miss you my sweet angel."

Love you always, Grandma Montalvo

Lilianna's sister, Mariah, is also honored on this site.

Jerry M. Smith, Jr.

He was stillborn on February 9, 1993.

Blake Edward Eads

"Born an Angel" on February 9, 2000.

"It took ten years for God to give you to us, and now you are with Him again.  We love you and miss you very much."

Love, Daddy, Mommy, Josh and Kayla

MacKenzie Harris Orloski

was born into heaven on February 11, 2002

"Our Angel in Heaven; Now, you can be with Grandma until we meet again.  We will miss you and love you always."

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tyler Sanderson Sargent

was born on February 12, 1996 at 30 weeks and lived 30 minutes.  He weighed 6 lbs and was 16 inches long.

In Loving Memory of Tyler and Connor

Tyler's brother, Connor, is also honored on this site.

Carolena Faith Anne Cruse

born in the arms of Jesus on February 13, 2001

"Carly is our light and our love - a special star in heaven watching over us."

In Memory of Carley

Monique Alexandria Lunceford

Was born on February 14, 1999
and went to Heaven on October 5, 2000

"My daughter was taken from us by a Medical Doctor."

Monique's Tiny Footprints

Isabella Alayna Votto

Was born into Heaven on February 16, 2001

Julia Abigail Cagnazzi

Was born still on February 19, 1999

"Our Baby, our Daughter, our Child forever!"

We love you, Mommy, Daddy and your big sisters, Lianne and Alexandra.

Garrett James Richard Temmen

Was born into on February 20, 2001

"Garrett, we will forever hold you in our hearts.  Until we meet again, our angel baby, Mommy and Daddy love you!"

Zane Wayne MacDonald

was born on February 21, 2001
and went to heaven on March 1, 2001

Dalton Michael Lout

was born on February 23, 2001
and went to heaven the same day.

"I was 35.5 weeks gestation when I lost Dalton to Uterine Rupture."

Erin Gentry

was born into heaven on February 26, 1998

"My special little angel."
Love, Mommy

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Page

Angelica Teresa Sanchez

was born into heaven on February 26, 1999

"Angelica, We will hold you in our heart until we can hold you in our arms again, forever.  We miss you and love you more with each passing day."

Love, Mama and Daddy

Jakob Andrew Wachtel

was born into heaven on February 27, 2000.

"Our angel in heaven, we hold you in our hearts.  We will never let you go."

With Love, Mommy, Daddy, Sister Francis Amber, Grandma Linda and Papa Rick.

In God's Hands ~ Memorial Pages



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