The precious children listed in this section are but a handful of Bryan's Friends.  We know there are many babies every year who "leave their parents" too soon.  This page is a tribute to their memories.  Every one of these children are in Heaven and their parents anxiously await the day they will hold them again or for some, hold them for the very first time.  Because of the growth of this section, we have had to sort the memorials according to birth and death months.  If you have lost an infant or toddler (age four and under) and would like your child included in this memorial, please scroll down and fill out the form below.

Is your child already a member of Bryan's Friends?  Check out our graphic logos here.  We can even send you the URL to your child's memorial so you can link to it via the graphic.  E-mail Julie for more information (please include your child's full name and birth/heaven date and indicate if your child is listed with us or not).

I would like to encourage any visitors to check out Bryan's Friends' sites.  Their parents are very proud of them and love to have visitors! 

ATTENTION:  Due to family circumstances - additions to this site are being made rather slowly.  Please be patient with us during the next few months.



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Add my child to Bryan's Friends

Please fill out this form and then click "send".  I will notify you when your child has been added via e-mail.  Bryan's Friends is for infants who are no longer here on earth.   Feel free to view the other memorials in Bryan's Friends to get ideas for your child's before submitting this form.

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