Elijah Tippett
Elianna Tippett

Twins who flew to heaven in September 1999 at 14 weeks gestation.

Elijah and Elianna's sisters, Aris-Geriah and Angeline, and their brothers, Matthew and John_Luc, are also honored at this site.

Sean Tylor Kouns

Was born into heaven on September 2, 1998

Sean Plays With Angels

You were so small,
when you went home.
Home to Heaven,
where you belong.

You missed all the hurt.
You missed all the pain.
You missed all the bad things,
from life you would gain.

You must have been special,
to go straight to God.
Because He picked you to be,
by His side.

We miss you so much.
We held you so dear.
In our hearts you will stay.
You will always be near.

Written by: Sean's Mommy
Written for Sean one month after his death.
October 2, 1998

"We love and miss you always Little Man."

Love always and forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Above Poem 1998, Sean's Mommy
All Rights Reserved
Copied here w/ permission via Bryan's Friends submission.

Aldo James Antonio

Was born into heaven on September 7, 1998

"My own angel.  You will forever and always be flawless and perfect."

Andrew Caleb Funderburk

Born to Heaven on September 14, 1999

"We loved you so, we will never let you go.
In our Hearts forever.  Our itty bitty angel."

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Andrew's brother, Reece, is also honored on this site.

Jefferson Benjamin Powell

Was born on September 14, 1999
and went to heaven on January 19, 2000

"Benjamin, we love you.   Your life has brought us great joy, and we still rejoice knowing that you are in our Father's arms, and that we will be there with you some day.  We love you, God bless you."

Daddy, Mama, James and Grace

Spencer Xavier Harvey

was born on January 4, 2001
and went to heaven on September 14, 2001

"Spencer, I love you and I miss you more than words could even say.  I love you and I will see you again."

Love always, Mom

Brittany Noel Holden

was born silently into heaven on September 17, 1989

"Brittany never took a breath but she touched so many lives.  I love you!!"

Love, Mommy

Michael Anthony Tringone

was born on July 23, 2000
and went to heaven on September 17, 2000

"Michael, my little angel, was a beautiful baby boy born after a full term, healthy pregnancy.  He is our third child and was going to be the light at the end of our long dark tunnel.  We had just lost my mom and my father-in-law to cancer and were devastated.  Mikey was going to bring us joy.  He did, however, for only awhile.  Although he looked perfectly normal (he was beautiful), he was born with a degenerative disorder that was only noticed a few hours after he was born.  We knew he would not live long but we didn't know for how long.  We had him for 8 weeks and we loved every second we spent with him.  During those 8 weeks I must have kissed him a million times over, knowing I wouldn't be able to kiss him for long.   Our hearts literally ache for him and we miss him terribly.   Through some infant loss support groups I have met some unbelievable parents who are now our very best friends.  All of our infants died in September 2000.  We are now trying to form a support group for parents in the Long Island, NY area and have created a website to share information about our group.  Support from those who truly understand is one way to learn to cope and survive the greatest loss; that of a child.  Please visit if you can and drop us an email to let us know what you think.  Thank you."

Vita ^i^

PATH: Parents and Tiny Hearts

Blake Michael Ryan

was born on July 3, 1991 and
went to heaven on September 18, 1991.

"We miss you 'Tiger'!"

Love always, Mummy and your brothers and sisters.

Blake's Memorial

Kayley McManus

was born on March 16, 2000
and went to heaven on September 23, 2000

"Kayley died from a degenerative mitochondrial disease called Leigh's disease.  Kayley, my little one, we miss you so much and you remain forever in our dreams and thoughts each and every day.  Love, Mom, Dad & Sinead"

Kayley's Memorial Page

Connor Edward Sargent

was born still on September 29, 1998 at 40 weeks.
He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz.

In Loving Memory of Tyler and Connor

Connor's brother, Tyler, is also honored on this site.

Dustin Allman

was born on September 27, 1977 and went to heaven on September 30, 1977

his niece,
Lauren Marie Waller*

joined him in heaven on April 16, 2000 at the sweet age of nine.

Joyce's Angels and Things

*Bryan's Friends is typically for infants;  However, we have made an exception for Lauren who encountered angels.  Please visit the site of this little girl.


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